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19-20 May 2022

The COVID-19 outbreak presents an unprecedented
disruption and uncertainty that requires most (if not all) business players to rethink and readjust their strategies and activities. Within the burgeoning industry discussions and research about COVID-19, there is an anonymous call to see and use the pandemic as a transformative opportunity. Therefore we believe there is much  opportunity for research and discussion about recreating the future business in a new normal age. See you at the INSYMA 19!

The INSYMA 19 will be the first INSYMA to be held in a hybrid format; the offline event will be held in Bali, Indonesia. Bali is chosen as the location of the INSYMA because it is known as Indonesia’s most famous tourist destination, not only for domestic but also for foreign tourists. Both offline and online presenters are welcome to contribute to this year’s conference.



Financial Management
Marketing Management
Strategic Management
Operations Management
Human Resources Management



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Our previous conferences


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Our keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Ir. Ujang Sumarwan M.Sc

President of AACIM (Asian Association of Consumer Interests and Marketing) and the Dean of Faculty of Human Ecology IPB University, Indonesia.

Dr. (HC) Hermawan Kartajaya, M.Sc

Founder & Chairman, MarkPlus, Inc., Indonesia.

Fandy Tjiptono, M.Comm, Ph.D

Senior Lecturer at the School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW), New Zealand.

Our Team

Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha, S.E., M.M., CSA.

Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) UBAYA

Dr. Deddy Marciano S.E., M.M., CSA., CBC

Head of the Department of Management FBE UBAYA Indarini M.M., CPM (Asia).

Head of Creative Digital Marketing Laboratory Management FBE UBAYA

Dr. (Cand). Andhy Setyawan, S.Si., M.Sc., CMA (USA)

Chairman of the 19th INSYMA

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