Conference Background

The 21th International Symposium on Management

“The Creativity Leap: Opening Hospitality and Tourism Opportunities with Open Innovation”

The hospitality and tourism industry has undergone significant transformation in recent years. Technological advancements, particularly in the fields of communication and online reservations, have changed how travelers plan their journeys and interact with service providers. Furthermore, customers increasingly demand more personalized, unique, and memorable experiences during their travels.

Open innovation is a concept in which organizations do not rely solely on internal resources and ideas but are also open to contributions from external parties such as customers, business partners, and independent innovators. In the context of the hospitality and tourism industry, open innovation creates opportunities to enhance service quality, identify new trends, and deliver more engaging experiences for customers.
Through collaboration with various stakeholders, including technology start-ups, reservation platforms, traveler communities, and local tourism enthusiasts, the hospitality and tourism industry can tap into a broader and more diverse pool of knowledge to create products and services that are more creative and relevant. By combining ideas and resources from these various sources, the prospects for enhancing competitiveness and profitability in the hospitality and tourism industry grow significantly.

Therefore from the explanation above, we invite researchers from economics, business, management, etc with many interests to discuss various points of view on: